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Organizations that will thrive in the new era of technology and innovation must be able to also accommodate the digital age to include the human interactions. For that reason, people and organizations will need to provide value, closely connecting technology, processes and people. At Emmerging Solutions, we partner with our clients to design strategies, implement effective solutions and enable creative thinking throughout the process.

Through real world experiences we have gained knowledge to recognize the intricacies and distinctions in delivering business and notary services. We have practical perspectives and knowledge of working solutions that support various industries and business sectors.


Reduce money, cut costs, growth and collaboration are all part of a supportive enterprise. The Business2Business concept is part of strategic partnership planning.  We offer services that other small businesses may need and vice versa. Our consultants can assess underdeveloped B2B opportunities.

Construction and Engineering

Labor shortages, the option for fixed-bid projects and material costs are contributors to the change for the Construction and Engineering(C&E) industry. Key strategies with supply chain, process advancement and innovation to technology will have a vital role for C&E companies. Coupling C&E experts with business consultants is a growing mix of skills to compliment and offset concepts that intertwine for threaded success.

Financial Services

Companies in the financial services industry manage money. We in the consulting business assist financial companies execute their processes more efficiently to increase performance when managing money. Regulatory compliance requirements are driving financial services firms to think out of the box. As part of out of the box thinking business analytics is being leveraged to greater peaks. Our consultants can assist with your planning needs to stay ahead of the regulatory mandates.


Government agencies local, state, and federal buy goods and services year-round. Government agencies need products and services to maintain operational excellence.  The processes to sustain effective organization, structure and transparency within the government is with the support of civilians.   There are several well-structured contract vehicles to assist with the requirements of selling to the government. Emmerging Solutions will support government agencies to navigate through any economical velocity.


The rapidly changing healthcare guidelines are creating additional fragility to the operating rhythm within Healthcare organizations. Therefore, Healthcare companies need to keep up with information and technology advances, industry policies, increasing legislative reform, regulatory guidelines and reporting demands. The convergence of unprecedented insurance claims, economic uncertainty, growth through acquisitions, and increased competition has created a highly volatile and complex environment in the healthcare industry. This volatility and complexity can be mitigated by leveraging analytics and having a robust operating framework. Our healthcare management consultants are with the years of experience to interject the needed suggestions to strengthen your healthcare operations.

Life Sciences

Industry dynamics, competition, changing regulations, and newly empowered patients are all driving change for the Life Sciences industry. Due to increasing innovations in information technology, healthcare infrastructure, and active participation by private players, the biotech industry has witnessed incredible growth during the past few years. Emmerging Solutions offer a full range of consulting services and can assist with delivering a more personalized Life Sciences project.


Manufacturing capabilities are under full microscope and the transformation is real. The need to transform your business from traditional manufacturing to modern best practice of Industry 4.0 requires focus. Manufacturing is poised for a uncertain resurgence due to longer product cycles, product quality and offshore shipping costs. Companies will need to stay in front of the trends and have proper monitoring and controls to adjust with the manufacturing demands. We are equipped to assist companies with leveraging plans to deploy functionality incrementally, lower cost, minimize risk and increase flexibility across your supply chain.

Real Estate

Record amounts of capital move into the real estate sector. Real estate is continuing its rebound and will evolve and retract with the times. When defining the real estate success, it is assured that it depends on striking the right balance of risk management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. To thrive in this increasingly competitive industry, firms require more sophistication and those that use technology and the right operating platform can create a real estate empire. Our consultants or loan signing agents can assist in your sector as the real estate market transcends.


A sustainable retail organization requires attention to supply chain and logistics. In running a profitable business there is a trade-off between scheduling and inventory control that may require difficult decisions. Simpler, faster and a better supply planning solution can be evaluated with skilled consultants from Emmerging Solutions LLC.

Utilities and Energy

Beginning with Oil and gas, electric to water & renewable resources the Utility and Energy industry is challenged with limited government subsidies, strict regulation and growing competition. Emmerging Solutions LLC will assign the consultants with the technical knowledge, industry experience and management expertise to your project. The need to develop storage strategies, expand locations, streamline fuel sourcing or operations can have a bridged gap with our consultants.